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WooHooBID. server issues - WooHooBID - 12-21-2017

Hi everyone
I want you all to know that I am working very hard to get my site back up and taking steps to assure this doesn't happen again.  

I can not access my data base to contact you all.  I am trying to reach you through forums. is being temporarily redirected to my facebook page to ensure I can communicate with you all.  

The site will be back up.  I need a bit of time though because these issues have caused me to fall behind in shipping.  I anticipate
Dec 26-27 that we will be back up but I will let you al know.

Stripe, my credit card company and PayPal have each been contacted regarding refunds.  Anyway who feels distrustful (and why wouldn't you) feel free to apply to get your money back.  I won't dispute it.

Any promo bids will be given fresh three day expirations on them.

I am devastated that this has happened and incredibly sorry,


RE: WooHooBID. server issues - hidden - 12-21-2017

Thanks for Posting , I will just wait till your back up.

RE: WooHooBID. server issues - Carnivorous - 12-21-2017

BE THERE WITH BELLS AND WHISTLES ON!  NOTHING WILL STOP THE WOOHOO TRAIN FROM COMING IN! It will reopen Dec 26 or 27.This is a real honest site and worth the wait. Many unforeseen problems happen on such big site.But all are working on it even Santa I am told.Be patient it will be worth the wait and the start is the best time to be there. Tons have signed up. Your promo bids will all have the 3 days on them. Read above message from management.MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL


RE: WooHooBID. server issues - the toad - 12-21-2017

no worries here