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Pages: 1 2 - amdealz - 02-25-2016

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Hello forum,

My name is Brian Harley. I used to be a head strong penny bidder like most out there. A few weeks ago I finally decided that there were too many penny sites doing bad things to honest people. So I decided to start my own penny auction site. 

This site is not just about business but it's about the consumer as well. I really want this site to take off and be more consumer friendly. I want to know what it is the customer really wants and if I can get it I will.  Facing the fact I have put most of my money on this I've developed a small site that my employees and I will stress the fact that customer service is important.  First and foremost because customers are what makes the business in my perspective.

So we launch on Friday, February 26, 2015. And we invite anyone that views this to give us a try.  I have worked hard for this site and will continue to work hard for this site with my consumers in mind.

Here are the things we are going to be implementing as far as bidding products concerned.

Gift Cards both physical and ecards ($25-$1000)
Bid Tokens
And soon I'm in the process of buying a car to be auctioned

We thank you for your time and look forward to serving you.

Best regards,

Brian Harley

 [Image: logo2.png]

RE: - Kevenf - 02-25-2016

I've been observing this site since this item was posted on PAF. There is no activity. Also, there is no place where I can see how it works, how much it costs, incentives to join, or just about anything informative about the site. Maybe it's not actually an active PA site, but it doesn't even say that. So, I don't know.

RE: - ForumAdmin - 02-26-2016

Thank you for posting your new site. Please keep us updated on the status. Smile

RE: - Kevenf - 02-26-2016

So far there has only been one bidder and that person, whom I've never seen anywhere else before, is winning every item with one bid. There still is no posted information about how things work and what the costs are and if there are incentives to register. I don't see how you acquire bids, nor is there a place to contact the administrator/owner.

RE: - Belle Readneck - 02-26-2016

I would think with your concern about customer service that there would be some contact info on your site. There are no terms anywhere and no site information. Since you are using wordpress for your auction software, it also cannot handle any type of traffic as it's a very cheap software for this purpose. I think you did not put nearly as much effort into this venture as you claim you did. I see you moving on to your next venture very soon. Perfume - Pizza - Penny Auctions - (your next P venture here).

RE: - Belle Readneck - 02-26-2016

Seriously? Give me a damn break!


RE: - Kevenf - 02-26-2016

Well I bought a 100 bid pack and used up all my bids on two gift cards and won zilch. Only bidders now are Mas and collab. I can't say if it's legitimate or not, but I know nobody bid against Mas until I registered. Then collab bid a couple of times against Mas and quit. I got buried on two attempts and am out $60.01. Not TOO expensive a lesson, I guess.  

RE: - Belle Readneck - 02-26-2016

Yea, I don't think this start up was thought out very well at all. Sorry about your loss Keven. Sad

RE: - Sniperkiller - 02-26-2016

Nice job shilling the shit out of your very first bidders, asshole

RE: - Kevenf - 02-26-2016

It's a bad sign that friends or relatives are bidders on a site since the appearance of special favors is always a possibility. I was given my bids back from my earlier fiasco and promptly won the last item of this morning for one bid. That may be legit or it may be a set-up. Time will tell. There was no S&H added to the 1 cent, so that was my total cost.

After I was returned my bids I sent them this reply to their e-mail:

I very much appreciate that you did that for me. I know it's tough starting a new site. Veteran bidders are hesitant to register on your site, but if certain things are done to improve it I'm sure they'll come.

You don't show costs of bids until after registration.

You don't have rules of the site spelled out anywhere.

Viewers see the name of the site owner as a bidder.

"Contact Us" should be a link that is visible on every page of your site.

You have no win limits.

These are a few of the things that show up as "red flags" to veteran bidders. I think it's especially difficult for a new site to get off the ground without a goodly number of the "veteran" bidders registered. You may also want to offer incentives for referrals.

I like to see new businesses (like yours) do well. It's particularly hard in the PA industry.

These are just some suggestions, but I hope they are taken under consideration.

Thank you.