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Full Version: Are you ready for this???
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Lol...   Without the music, that thread topic just lacks the excitement ~ is going Beta Novemeber 15th...    Or maybe I should say it's scheduled to Beta Launch November 15th.

I question if it would be considered a "Penny Auction" site because it has a lot of qualities that differentiate it from Penny Auctions in the traditional sense.  Firstly, there are no Penny Raises...  Secondly, there will be 5 different types of Auctions.

The site does use Bid Credits BUT...   All Profit from Bid Credit Sales as well as a huge percentage of any profit made by the site is being donated to one of five different charitable group categories.  Veterans Assistance, Children's Health Research, Homeless Recovery Projects, Environmental Protection Advocacy and Animal Cruelty Prevention.  
The Big Plus+ is that in the Purchase of Bid Credits, the Account Owner loses nothing.  All Bid Credits are converted to Points and All items in the Catalog are assigned point values that provide the Account Owner the option to redeem points for merchandise.

I think this site is going to hit a grand slam!  It was designed from the ground up to do everything right that Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Wish, Etc. do wrong...   and it's launching quietly to work out any issues early.  Long gone will be Buyers getting defrauded and Sellers getting taken for a ride.  This site is committed to providing real opportunity and becoming a community cornerstone.

All those sites designed to rip people off...  i.e., Deal Dash and sites like them should pack their bags.

- King Louie