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Full Version: how to add a screen shot for beezid forum
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Not sure a if a lot of people's screen shots are coming though so that you can see it. I think this method works. You might want a jpeg screen shot. Go to left side bottom 1.New Attachment and hit browse and locate your screen shot and click.After this I hit the bottom on right bottom 2.add attachments and good measure click on in few sec 3.insert into post. It works any way[attachment=83]
Screen shots only show up if you are logged in. Maybe that is the problem
[Image: paperclip.png]
[Image: paperclip.png][Image: paperclip.png]
attachment=91][Image: image.gif]
[Image: image.gif]
(10-11-2016, 09:43 PM)Penny Wrote: [ -> ]attachment=91][Image: image.gif]
Great idea on posting the screen shots in here! The 10,000 bids worth 5000.00
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