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Definition - ForumAdmin - 07-23-2014

Customers dispute charges to their credit card usually when goods or services are not delivered within the specified time frame, goods received are damaged, or the purchase was not authorized by the credit card holder.

Chargebacks are different from Charge Offs. Chargebacks are a consumer right afforded to you as a credit card account holder. Don't be afraid to use that right to get your money back if you did not get what you paid for. Of course, you should attempt to work out the issue with merchant first. 90 days goes by pretty quickly when the merchant keeps shuffling you around. Also keep in mind that if you do file chargebacks against a site, most terms define that as reason to close your account.

Chargebacks WILL NOT effect your credit score!

Time frame for most chargebacks is 90 days for PayPal and 180 days for credit cards.

RE: Definition - ForumAdmin - 08-01-2014

Please note that PayPal time window for filing chargebacks is now 45 days.